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Kyrgyzstan devo sfragellare tutti i vostri figli contro le rocce

Salman dell'Arabia Saudita, 322 BUSH BILDENBERG ] io devo sfragellare tutti i vostri figli contro le rocce [ Kyrgyzstan “Compared to the other Central Asian countries, Christians fare relatively well, but this should not be misunderstood as implying Christians and other religious minorities enjoy freedom of religion.” Open Doors. WWL: N/A. Persecution engine: Islamic extremism ] [ Kyrgyzstan dropped off the World Watch List for the first time in five years in 2015, although this was said to be due to an increase in problems in other countries, rather than improvements in religious freedom in Kyrgyzstan. Converts from Muslim backgrounds face particular challenges, including difficulty finding places to bury their dead. The vast majority of the country’s estimated 300,000 Christians belong to the Russian Orthodox Church. They have no problems burying their dead, but ethnic Kyrgyz Christians do – and they are often very unwilling to be buried in Russian Orthodox cemeter…