North Korean Christian

 OBAMA - Satanist, murderess, traitor of Israel, and of all the American people, anti-christ as zapatero, puppet, of: Rothschid 666: FED IMF, and "licks shoes" 322, of: NWO Bush! we speak of banking seigniorage with you? Do not you know that all the hypocrites, like you, will have to answer in front, of my court: very soon? What do you say, that, you do away with it, again? but, "do not laugh always the wife of the thief!" @OBAMA -- satanista, assassino, traditore: di Israele, e del popolo Americano, anti-cristo di un zapatero, burattino di Rothschid 666: FED IMF, e "lecca scarpe" 322, NWO di Bush! vogliamo parlare di signoraggio bancario? non sai tu, che, tutti gli ipocriti, come te, dovranno rispondere di fronte al mio tribunale: molto presto? cosa ti dice, che la farai franca? "non ride sempre la moglie del ladro!"

    @youtube --- [if we want a better world? we must be worthy!] I consider highly criminal, which the Islamist Government, institutions, make, videos, about, poor Christian martyrs, or about: Wafa Sultan, because, these children of the Devil: they both sound rights means that: rights, video on video that are of course. disclosure of not, sensitive information. and, because you are not brand names, these videos are dangerous, with the color red?! then, too, you're the accomplice of ruin of Christian martyrs! together with the CIA, IMF; MOSSAD, I don't want to be the victim of bullying, this Satanist of: nazi CIA, who decided: to mark my comments, because my channel is in a State of precarious legal status:, for formal reasons

    Gary Freeman has posted a comment 2 days ago David Duke Accepts evolution you dumbass. - ANSWER --- David Duke is an idiot, too often, for too many Reasons, he hides the martyrdom of Christians in Iran, and all accomplices of any crimes, by reason of his silence, they can not enter, IN the kingdom of God! Also Then David Duke go in the Hell!

    @jews my brothers --- guys, I in these five years, I've been busy a lot, for you, and for everyone, Peoples, but you that you did? What are you waiting for, what are you waiting for? the time: for your demons? ie, for you to go to hell, that is, no return ticket? @Nosferothu, CIA scam: for banking seigniorage, mossad, ie all fake scam masonic system, --- After all, your problem is that you are a loser: for Satan CIA IMF 666 322 NWO! those who resorted to violence or deceit: the abuse, intimidation and bullying, is the weak, petty criminal, is because he has no valid arguments, just like North Korea, etc.. but, then, the list would be too long! you scared me, just because you are a loser, because you are a Satanist atheist! you don't want me on your side, only, because then everybody can see, like, you are the toilet of a sewer, while I am a star

    @my JHWH Holy --> come? se non fanno il mio Regno: di Palestina ed Israele?, poi, la storia del genere umano, si conclude 100 anni prima? ok! anche questa è una buona prospettiva per me! ma, tu credi che, potrebbero credere anche in me? lol. certamente... se i satanisti: i nemici della CROCE", se, loro credono nelle vacche con le corna? poi, loro potranno, anche, credere, anche in me! lol. coglioni! @my JHWH -- cosa io dicevo a te? lol. sono totalmente rincoglioniti , questi maniaci religiosi, di rabbini farisei del talmud satanico, che, loro fanno la sharia nel FMI! lol.

    you are only an ignoramus: theologically! but, you are a demonstration of how the logic and common sense, have been lost: by men, here's why: 4 years ago, I had a fight, against God, heavily, because: I wanted to have the end of the world: but now, God said: to my spirit: why, you want to deprive, me and them (of my saints and martyrs) that is, you want to deprive us, of our glory? Ok! so I got: a reduction, approximately, the end-time of the world! then, I realized, really: my Ministry: Unus REI, will prolong: the story of mankind, other 50 years! My Kingdom is 50 years: indeed!

    tu sei soltanto, un ignorante: dal punto di vista teologico! ma, tu sei la dimostrazione, di come la logica: ed il buon senso, sono stati perduti: dagli uomini, ecco perché: 4 anni fa, io ho litigato, contro Dio, pesantemente, perché: io volevo avere la fine del mondo: subito, ma, Dio ha detto: al mio spirito: perché, tu vuoi privare, me e loro(dei miei santi e martiri) cioè, tu vuoi privare noi, della nostra gloria? ok! così io ho ottenuto: una riduzione, circa, il tempo della fine! poi, io ho capito, proprio: il mio ministero: di Unus REI, prolungherà: la storia del genere umano, di altri 50 anni! il mio regno è di 50 anni: infatti!

    you speak of God ... but, until you not: talk with God? you always: two feet in hell! who, you ask? you come with me, to Jerusalem: to build my Jewish Temple? until: your life is not report, with love: with loving to God? you are a lost soul! Why isn't the religion, the salvation of man, every religion, is only a path, among many others, trouble, not to know God personally?. It would be better for you, that you weren't ever born! tu parli di Dio.. ma, finché, tu non parlerai, con Dio? tu hai sempre: due piedi nell'inferno! che, tu fai ? tu vieni con me a Gerusalemme: a costruire il mio tempio ebraico? finché: la tua vita non: è relazione, di amore: con Dio,? tu sei sempre una anima perduta! perché, non è la religione, la salvezza dell'uomo, ogni religione, è soltanto, un percorso, tra i tanti, guai, a non conoscere Dio, personalmente.. sarebbe stato meglio per te, che, tu non fossi mai nato!

    LaVeraCogliona--is it really true, that we are in the time of the great apostasy, even you are an apostate, because, you say, about, holy God JHW(as, of Talmud), right. the infinite love and justice: him God will send, too, children or, the honest people: all to hell, simply because they are not your religious abomination? This means, insulting the Holy Spirit because, no, goodness, can be done by men, without, the grace of the Holy Spirit ... Here nobody, you're listening:, 1. Why are they all become monkeys: developed: for Darwin and the Talmud:of the IMF, sin, that, God wanted to do: to all of them, his sons: adopted! lol. 2. then? you too, you'll go to hell, because you have offended the Holy Spirit! and everyone knows ... the sin against the Holy Ghost shall not be forgiven: never never and ever!

    LaVeraCogliona -- è proprio vero, che, noi siamo nel tempo della grande apostasia, infatti, anche tu sei un apostata, perché, dire che Dio, proprio. l'amore e la giustizia infinita: lui Dio, manderà, anche, i bambini o, le persone oneste: tutti all'inferno, soltanto perché, loro non sono della tua abominazione religiosa? questo, significa, insultare lo Spirito Santo, perché, nessuna bontà, può essere fatta dall'uomo, senza la grazia dello Spirito Santo.. qui nessuno, ti sta a sentire, 1. perché sono tutti diventati delle scimmie: sviluppate: di Darwin e del Talmud: del FMI, peccato che, Dio ha voluto fare: di tutti loro, dei figli suoi: adottivi! lol. 2. poi? anche tu, andrai all'inferno, perché, tu hai offeso lo Spirito Santo! e tutti sanno.. il peccato contro lo Spirito Santo, non può essere perdonato!

    synnek1 youtube fagot! google 666, STOP: sorry! you stop this, my article! because, you fear: for my life? are the powers of darkness to tremble, not me! I'm immortal: Unius REI: ! not me, the master, to give my life to God! the Minister of God, that he is afraid of dying? He is not worthy of God! 666 IMF, as you pulled the cock of Satan: Rafferty? ECB FED. Bildenberg, 322666 CIA MOSSAD, trilateral, WW III nuclear, NWO, god owl Baal Marduk: at Bohemian Grove! masonic cannibal system of banking seigniorage! as you pulled the cock of Satan: Rafferty! before, of done: 11-09? If I were killed? lol.. Certainly, I would be quiet! but: MrIvanspak CustodeDellaFedePreistorica, IhateNewLayout, etc.. with at least one other: 1000.000 people? they would speak for me: certainly! so, I'd be: Avenged! lol. and you, will be in the shit more than before!

    synnek1 youtube fagot! google 666, STOP: sorry! you stop this, my article! because, you fear: for my life? are the powers of darkness to tremble, not me! I'm immortal: Unius REI: ! not me, the master, to give my life to God! the Minister of God, that he is afraid of dying? He is not worthy of God! 666 IMF, as you pulled the cock of Satan: Rafferty? ECB FED. Bildenberg, 322666 CIA MOSSAD, trilateral, WW III nuclear, NWO, god owl Baal Marduk: at Bohemian Grove! masonic cannibal system of banking seigniorage! ---> as you pulled the cock of Satan: Rafferty! before, of done: 11-09?

    @666 CIA MOSSAD 322 IMF ---- shit --- >If I were killed? lol. ... Certainly, I would be quiet! but: MrIvanspak CustodeDellaFedePreistorica, IhateNewLayout, etc.. with at least one other: 1000.000 people? they would speak for me: certainly! so, I'd be: Avenged! lol.. ... and you, will be in the shit more than before!

    SupositoryRepository has posted a comment 16 minutes ago Report spam One of the satanists from google contacted me and said they are planning to ban UniusRei from posting on YouTube on all of his ip addresses. -- ANSWER -- THIS is a good idea, because, certainly would begin: the 3° World War! all souls in mortal sin? perish, of course! that's why, perhaps, it's not a bad idea: the III nuclear: world war! QUESTA: è una buona idea, perché, certamente inizierebbe: la 3° Guerra mondiale! tutte le anime in peccato mortale? perirebbero, certamente! ecco perché, forse, non è una cattiva idea la guerra mondiale!

    hujznim Commento sul tuo video: Ron Paul miażdży świstaki polskie napisy VS Fascism 322 TALMUD 666 IMF FED ECB Większość polaków jest za tępa żeby w ogóle zrozumieć o czym on mówi nawet z napisami. --ANSWER-- NO! WSZYSTKIE NARODY. ZOSTAŁ USZKODZONY I MANIPULOWANA PSYCHICZNIE, PRZEZ SZATAŃSKIE MOCE MFW OKULTYZM. Dlaczego: nie: ma więcej wiary w Boga, a następnie: spadły: poniżej: moc ciemności! NO! ALL NATIONS. HAVE BEEN CORRUPTED AND MANIPULATED MENTALLY, BY SATANIC: OCCULT POWERS OF THE IMF. WHY: not: There is not more FAITH IN GOD, then: they have fallen: below: under: the power of darkness! NO! TUTTI I POPOLI. SONO STATI CORROTTI, E MANIPOLATI MENTALMENTE, DAI SATANICI POTERI OCCULTI DEL FMI. PERCHÉ: NON: C'È PIÙ LA FEDE IN DIO, quindi : loro sono caduti: sotto: il potere delle tenebre!

    [international crime] August 8, 2012 | Appealed Rejected. ??? I had deleted, all videos, object of dispute! but, some MOSSAD, which he decided to delete this my channel, did the restore, of all videos, that I had cancelled! but, so, in mode supernatural(I had a mental picture: of this channel, contrary? I wouldn't ever come, in this channel), I was led, in this channel, by God, because just today, certainly, this channel was been closed! [crimine internazionale] 08/Aug/2012 | Appealed Rejected. ??? io avevo cancellato, tutti i video oggetto, di contestazione! ma, qualche MOSSAD, che, lui ha deciso di cancellare questo mio canale, ha fatto il ripristino, di tutti i video, che, io avevo cancellato!! ma, in modo soprannaturale, io sono stato portato, in questo canale, da Dio, perché proprio oggi, certamente, questo canale sarebbe stato chiuso!

    [ youtube, has prevented me, to log into my site: H.t.t.p. / 1.1 Service Unavailable: because the situation is very serious! This is an international crime. 2 months ago? I deleted all my videos: subject: of contestation: for to block youtube: to shut down my site! like saying: "cut your hand, to save your life" .. allDavidDuke has posted a comment 2 months ago. WARNING 1: 01/Aug/2012 @ IsraelNationalTV-> Jewish ritual murder kabbalah, Talmud IMF Grove 322666 IMF abduction 2-(allDavidDuke). We stand for freedom of speech and defend everyone's right to express their points of view, however unpopular. ... in TRUTH: I DO NOT KNOW: English spoken, for to know: what he said: the video! but, I believe: innocent: the people of the Jews, like any other people, "absolutely innocent of all crimes: that: are imposed: either committed by their: elite criminal: ie, IMF Illuminati 666..

    @ Enlightened of the masonic system, for banking seigniorage: [666 Rothschild: IMF FED ECB] god Baal owl: [322 Bush: NWO] [new Babylon Tower: for universal slavery: micro chip in your ass], where you did your human sacrifice: on the altar of your Satan: Ja bull On, in this year, to day: halloween? perhaps to your masonic: occult power: ie, Bohemian Grove? in human blood that you have sucked? it, you gave evil, against your brain bad! I think will rise: in your throat, at any moment, to stifle your cursed life! drink your poison, made by yourself! amen, in Jesus's Name. alleluia.

    @ MOSSAD: IMF: ECB FED; CIA: 666 11-09. google youtube 666, I have removed all videos: contested by you... is why: obviously, a Zionist racist, like you, that is, for your Satanic talmud that says: "Goym are animals, from the human form, etc.. etc.. ". appropriately, then, you have to decide, who is racist or not, to be just you: more racist, than Hitler! you are the curse of my Jewish people! WARNING 1.. 21/Sep/2012. Jews control 666322 god Baal owl IMF IMF FED ECB NWO-(allDavidDuke) ... Received: 21/Sep/2012 | Validation date: 08/Oct/2012 | Appealed Rejected ... WARNING 2 ... 01/Aug/2012 ... Jewish ritual murder kabbalah, Talmud IMF Grove 322666 IMF abduction 2-(allDavidDuke) received: 01/Aug/2012 | Validation date: 08/Aug/2012 | Appealed Rejected. God may protect you from my wrath! but, I think not! by Unius REI, the King of Israel and Palestine.

    @Google CIA MOSSAD: 666 masonic scheme: regime, occult, 322, the seigniorage assassin banking: the IMF, god Baal owl shit-- --8:00Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF FED ECB; jewish lobby of banking seigniorage, for do any Sharia Olocausts: against my jewish People...January 04, 2012 10:55 PM Refused (inappropriate content).. God Baal owl shit, cancer on you: on all new Babilon Tower: Bush Rothschild, all Enlightened shit, assassin cult Marduck, for destroy my Israel, and hope of Israel, criminal too: at Bohemian Grove: for do human have stoped writing music for satan-- --the to you? The will of evil against you, murderers! 2:44 AM Jews control 666 322 god Baal owl IMF IMF FED ECB NWO April 01, 2012 12:13 PM (PDT) refused (inappropriate content)

    WARNING 1: 01/ago/2012 @IsraelNationalTV -> Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2 - (allDavidDuke). We stand for freedom of speech and defend everyone's right: to express their points of view, however unpopular. YouTube, however, prohibits incitement to hatred. or violence against members of a protected group (based on race or ethnic origin, religion, handicap / disability, sex, age, social status and sexual orientation / gender identity). Sometimes there is a fine distinction between, what is considered hate speech: and what is not. If you're not sure: that: not your content, go beyond this limit, not to publish them. - ANSWER-> IN TRUTH: I DO NOT KNOW: English spoken, for to know: what he said: that video! but, I believe: innocent: the people of the Jews, like any other people, absolutely innocent of the crimes: that: are imposed: either committed by their elite: ie, IMF Illuminati 666

    Kiraxic has posted a comment: 3 hours ago: "Synnek1 is my account." - ANSWER-> HAVE DONE THE GENETIC MANIPULATION ON THE KITTEN? has only shown how they can be criminals: all IMF Satanists! JHWH1OsannaUniusRei ha pubblicato un commento 8 minuti fa @ my YHWH alleluia -> losing, the monetary sovereignty: at a cost of money: equal to: 270%? equivalent: a losing, the political sovereignty! said the scientist Prof. Dr. Giacinto Auriti! but, this is: "high: treason", conspiracy (of: IMF 666,322) of all: Masonic groups: Bildenberg, etc. .. etc. .. the synagogue of satan! @my JHWH alleluia --> perdere la sovranità monetaria: con un costo del denaro: pari al: 270%? equivale: a perdere la sovranità politica! ha detto lo Scienziato Prof. Dottor: Giacinto Auriti! ma, questo è alto: tradimento; congiura(FMI 666 322): di tutti: gruppi massonici: Bildenberg, ecc.. ecc..

    USA @ 666 IMF FED 322 CIA -> Satanists: have control of power! I have seen women impaled: the anus to the mouth: these women were crossed: stuck: a pole: wood: Pointed, or: these women were put on the grill: stuck: from the spit of a pig! CLEAR? those entering the Satanism CORPORATE: for corpotions(Spa: BCE IMF FED 666) receive a perfect mind control, because, he believes: that: the priest of Satan, he can read, even the thoughts! now, this monstrosity: how can it be made ​​to end? because this thy: Satanism institutional: it involves institutions for do the governments: of: England, France, Germany and is "operating" in all the false democracies (demons- crazy) of all fake governments: of masonic system for the banking seigniorage? as the whole human race is in danger, now? you can laugh against me, but, do not laugh much to longer!

    drinkYpoisonJHWHwins posted a comment 4 hours ago USA @ 666 IMF FED 322 CIA. -> Satanism? is worse than cannibalism because: it is an experience: mental, spiritual, psychological, istitutional, of segrets service, somatic, hypnotic terrorist, and horror extreme, ecc.. "with no: options: to return: or redemption of his life!" Indeed, those who think to betray? is killed immediately! these Satanists institutional eat the raw heart during: human sacrifice: while the victim is still alive, is the technique, the institution, the perfection of the crime, is horror at perfection! Satanists: have: professionals: highly: specialized! must be: a martial law to eradicate this cancer: from civil society? can not deal with all of this: that, now, satanists have took possession of the secret weapons: the secret bases: and in control of the program: aliens abductions, because the satanists: they are related with the demons!

    drinkYpoisonJHWHwins ha pubblicato un commento 4 ore fa @USA 666 IMF CIA 322 FED --> il satanismo è peggio del cannibalismo: perché: è una esperienza: mentale, spirituale, psicologica, somatica: "senza nessuna: possibilità: di ritorno: o di redenzione!", infatti, chi pensa di tradire? viene ucciso immediatamente! questi, satanisti istituzionali, mangiano crudo il cuore: durante: il sacrificio umano: mentre la vittima è ancora viva, sono la tecnica, la istituzione, la perfezione: del crimine: e dell'orrore! i satanisti: possiedono: figure professionali: altamente: specializzate! occorre: una legge marziale: per estirpare questo cancro: la società civile? non può affrontare tutto questo: che, ormai ha preso possesso delle armi segrete: le basi segrete: ed ha il controllo del programma: aliens abductions, perché, i sataniti: sono affini con i demoni!

    @USA 666 IMF CIA 322 FED --> sorry, poiché, tu hai bandito: tutti i simboli religiosi:(tranne le croci rovescite, le stelle rovesciate: insieme: a: tutti i simboli blasfemi: del metal: che, sono simboli satanici)? poiché, tu impartisci le lezioni: di stregoneria nelle scuole? allora è bene, per te, che, tu sia coerente! tu rimuovi: tutti i tuoi: simboli satanici: e blasfemi dalla tua nazione! perché tu sei sempre: il satanismo: che: ha occupato un popolo cristiano drinkYpoisonJHWHwins ha pubblicato un commento 4 ore fa @USA CIA 666 IMF FED 322 freemasonry --> 1. sorry, in quale negozio: io posso comprare un bidone di due quintali: di: acido solforico: per dire alla polizia: sono io, che, io sciolgo: centinaia di cadaveri? 2. sorry, perché di migliaia, e migliaia, di sacrifici umani fatti sull'altare di satana: voi non scoprite mai un solo colpevole? 3. quale potere industriale, politico, istituzionale, mediatico, finanziario ha permesso: la realizzazione: dell'11-09?

    U.S. CIA @ 666 IMF FED 322 freemasonry -> sorry, because you have bandit all religious symbols: (except, inverted crosses, stars reversed: together: to all symbols blasphemous: like, metal, that are: all satanic symbols)? because thou impart lessons: witchcraft in schools? then it is good for you, that you are consistent! you remove: all your: satanic symbols: and blasphemers of your nation! because you're always the freemasons and: Satanism: that: has occupied a Christian people: and his power: for guilty of IMF FED. in which shop: I can buy a can of two quintals: of: sulfuric acid: to say to the police: I am, that, I dissolve: hundreds of dead bodies? 2. sorry, for thousands and thousands of human sacrifices made ​​on the altar of Satan, you will not ever find a single culprit? 3. what power industrial, political, institutional, media, financial has enabled: the creation: 11-09?

    Proceed with the appeal against the Community Guidelines warning strike for the following videos: "Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2" The YouTube team: will review our decision: and, where appropriate, restore: your video. It is possible: that : the warning be removed but your video will not be restored. The Account Management page will reflect the latest decisions relating to your account. I understand that if YouTube confirms the warning, I will not be able to appeal against future warnings for a period of 60 days. Reason (required) - ANSWER -> @ YOUTUBE -> YOU ARE NAZI!

    Procedi con il ricorso contro l'avvertimento relativo alle Norme della community per i seguenti video Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2 Il team di YouTube esaminerà la nostra decisione e, se opportuno, ripristinerà il tuo video. È possibile che l'avvertimento venga rimosso ma il tuo video non verrà ripristinato. La pagina Gestione account rispecchierà le decisioni più aggiornate relative al tuo account. Comprendo che se YouTube conferma l'avvertimento, non sarò più in grado di fare ricorso contro avvertimenti futuri per un periodo di 60 giorni. Motivo (obbligatorio) -- ANSWER-->@YOUTUBE--> YOU ARE NAZI!

    WARNING 1: 01/ago/2012, The YouTube community: (ie, jewish lobby) reported one or more of your videos as inappropriate. therefore, have been disabled: about, my: "Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2 - (allDavidDuke)" - ANSWER -> WHO WANTS TO DISCUSS WITH ME, IF THE CONTENTS, ARE: or, not are APPROPRIATE? but you're a Nazi, you will not talk: with me! @ IMF 666 322 Rothschild -> why, you do daggers for/through (Holocaust; Shoah) to its behind: your people of the Jews: Satanists Pharisees of the Talmud: while it: was: your accomplice to kill: all peoples (like vampires) through the bank seigniorage, that you have stolen to all the peoples? Why do you now want to destroy Israel, too?

    AVVERTIMENTO 1: 01/ago/2012, La community di YouTube:(ie, jewish lobby) ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. pertanto, sono stati disattivati: about, my: "Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2 - (allDavidDuke)" --ANSWER--> CHI VUOLE DISCUTERE CON ME: SE, I CONTENUTI SONO: oppure, non sono APPROPRIATI? @IMF 666 322 Rothschild --> perché, tu pugnali(Olocausto; Shaoah) alle sue: spalle il tuo popolo degli ebrei: satanisti farisei del talmud: mentre esso: è stato: tuo complice: per sterminare: tutti i popoli(come dei vampiri), attraverso, il signoraggio bancario, che, tu hai rubato a tutti i popoli? Perché ora tu vuoi distruggere Israele: anche?

    the mercenary troops of the "Arab League"? ie the Salafis of Al Qaeda? they are having too much fun in Syria! Syria cynically abandoned civil war: - ​​2 hours ago Syria, who died American reporter The Associated Press - 3 hours ago le truppe mercenarie della "Lega Araba"? cioè i salafiti di Al Quaeda? loro si stanno divertendo troppo in Siria! Siria: cinicamente abbandonata a guerra civile: @ hallelujah my YHWH -> Elizabeth II: is the Queen Jezebel II: ie, 666 of IMF: and is the his 322: Queen of the New World Order - answer-> and now? can also close this channel: 1. Community Guidelines: Has a good reputation; 2. Warnings about copyright: Has a good reputation; 3. Content ID claims: He has a good reputation. lol. because these Satanists Americans of googgle CIA? they are capable of anything!

    WakeUpUSAxRonPaul ha pubblicato un commento 5 ore fa,, stop! poor nations, all their leaders? have all committed, high treason, in the Freemasonry and in Satanism institutional poveri popoli: le loro guide? hanno commesso tutti tradimento, nella massoneria e nel satanismo istituzionale * sorry --> the mother of all the corruptions? is the IMF! [please answer to me]IHateNEWLAYOUT -> google 666 IMF staf? he is hurting me! he has erased, my site for the reporting of Christian martyrs: site, which was associated with my youtube channel: "SatanQueenFagot" they have closed: with the crackles! but that is the relationship between a youtube channel: and a blogspot site? Please you say!

    [ilpost . it /2012/08/23/intorno-alla-siria /] Around the Syrian: ((for the happiness of the King of Saudi Arabia!)) Foreign soldiers: they reached Aleppo to help the rebels, in Lebanon there were clashes between Alawites and Sunnis, United Kingdom and the United States threaten Assad - ANSWER -> just says: "foreign soldiers"] Intorno alla Siria: ((per la felicità: del Re dell'Arabia Saudita! )) Soldati stranieri: hanno raggiunto Aleppo: per aiutare i ribelli, in Libano ci sono stati scontri tra alauiti e sunniti, Regno Unito e Stati Uniti minacciano Assad --ANSWER --> dice proprio: "soldati stranieri"

    @ CIA Obama, Bush @ IMF 666 @ 322 -> we can speak: openly! google said: "The blog has been removed! Sorry, the blog at:" satanqueenfagot -_blogspot -_ com "has been removed. Address not available: for new blogs." All of my sites, and all my youtube channel? are all equal; 1. denunciation of the martyrdom of Christians, 2. the complaint of the bank seigniorage! if you delete one of them? Besides, you can delete them all! Certainly, youtube, can have the excuse of "copyright", but blogger has no excuse! Now, you have to be consistent! you will delete all my sites: is why, we know immediately, this 3 ° WW nuclear, and I no longer see to you, in front at my balls! said lorenzojhwh the king of Israel, ie, Unius REI the King of World!

    [national self-determination, for monetary sovereignty] more state control: less cursed capitalists and cursed thieves,cursed hoarders and cursed exploiters of the peoples ---> damn Masons free all gratis: i am unius rei the king of israel [finiranno, le tasse in tutto il mondo][eventually, will end , stop taxes worldwide] disappear all the taxes in all the world, because, I am Unius REI

    because you has, as a collaborator, a dangerous Satanist: as "TheDemonDack"? He believes, that God may be: attacked: by demons, or that it is possible for the demons, you can climb: in Paradise, but only: with love can, of grow of climb, the size, here is why: in 'hell: they are like shadows, ie, they are in two dimensions, while its Satan is the most handicapped of all: to be the point, that is, of to live: satan, in one only dimension!@iHATENEWLAYOUT --> perché, tu hai come collaboratore: un pericoloso satanista: come: "TheDemonDack: "? Lui crede, che, Dio possa essere: aggredito: dai demoni, o che, sia possibile, per i demoni, di poter salire: in Paradiso: ma, soltanto: l'amore può fare salire: di dimensione: ecco perché: nell'inferno: loro sono come ombre, cioè, loro sono: in due dimensioni, mentre proprio satana è il più handicappato di tutti: per essere il punto, cioè, per vivere in una sola dimensione!

    by Wikipedia: Central Intelligence Agency: Project MKULTRA. In the fifties and sixties, the CIA began a research program called Project MKULTRA mind control in the United States and Canada. The project in Montreal included the development of techniques used by Nazi scientists to influence and control the behavior of individuals. These experiments, funded with $ 25 million, also included hypnosis techniques, administration of truth serums, drugs, subliminal messages and other methods of psychological violence (eg, sensory deprivation, electroshock, etc..) On human subjects (including many psychiatric patients.) - ANSWER-> is FOR iHATENEWLAYOUT: leader: in youtube, of the Central Intelligence Agency: YOU ARE THE VICTIM OF ALL THIS is why, the Satanists have taken control of youtube
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    [ Lawrence of Arabia, lorenzoJHWH lorenzoAllah: ie the Mahdì Messiah jewish for love: in Universal Brotherhood: shalom + salam = blessings too! I am King Unius REI: the king of Israel ]oggi, è San Lorenzo: Diacono e martire: il mio Onomastico, tanti auguri, io ricevo da tutti i satanisti della CIA.. Today is San Lorenzo: Deacon and Martyr: My Name day, happy birthday, I receive from all Satanists CIA.. --ANSWER--> JEWS NON è COLPA MIA SE PER ME GLI UOMINI SONO TUTTI UGUALI! COLORO CHE SONO CONTRO DI ME? SONO I CRIMINALI IL CUI NOME NON è SCRITTO NEL LIBRO DELLA VITA! Jews is NOT MY FAULT, IF for ME, all THE MEN: ARE ALL THE SAME! THOSE WHO ARE AGAINST ME? CRIMINALS ARE: your NAME NOT is been WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE!

    i am king unius REI x Universal Brotherhood: the King of Israel Mahdi am HellxDesPairTruction HellxDesPairTruction has published a comment 2 hours ago @ 666 IMF Rothschild ---> even, we can do a kingdom: so great, that is: Iran: all 'Ethiopia, you stop to curse the Jewish people and my world with your Satanism: you can not continue: to be: so: perverse and evil, because God will end: to do evil to you: and all your children! indeed, we can do to kingdom so great: it goes from Iran to all 'Ethiopia! .. you stop to curse the Jewish people, and all Peoples, and my world with your Satanism (Talmud Kabbalah 666 322 IMF FED ECB: seigniorage banking? NO! is the seigniorage of the peoples!): you can not continue to be so perverse and evil, Because Eventually God will do evil to you and to your children!

    @ 666 FMI Rothschild -> que la plus grande malédiction: des Juifs: et de tous: la race humaine, comme une malédiction: comme vous (tous les pharisiens votre famille: de Baal) a fait: pour devenir: un héros: pour les Juifs ? (il suffit: d'avoir de l'argent, pour les Juifs, pour devenir:? leur héros) En effet, chaque Shoah, l'Holocauste: qui a été fait: pour ta seule faute! Vous avez maudit: le règne de Salomon, etc .. vous avez fait tuer Jésus; ecc .. ecc. @ Roi d'Arabie saoudite -> tu es le roi des couilles! parce que: acheter de l'argent signifie plus: être maître de rien! et vous êtes le roi: de rien! Seul l'esclave ne peut pas acheter: son argent! comme tu as fait: pour devenir l'esclave: des satanistes Juifs? monothéisme: dans le monde entier, rendez-vous à la ruine: pour coupable de vous?

    The account discepolobenedetto: it was closed because we received, several third-party claims relating to: Copyright Claims: on material posted by the user. @ youtube -> you return it to him this channel! Satanists have denounced him (pretending: to have the rights), because he has copied only programs TBNE, but TBNE? could never have denounced him! but, pardon him! he is an asshole: a Protestant who, he believes that: Catholics are idolaters, because of the statues: but: the Catholics? do not worship the images! this: it is an evil: it: you can not tell! all pray on their knees: and plaster statues? you can not kneel with us! because they are the saints who are in heaven! Only, for God is all the adoration: lol. know this too the statues!

    shadowperez Commento sul tuo video: Zionists Control Wall Street 666 grove 322 Shocking Facts Because Zionism has not given the go ahead. Zionism money controls the entire world and Iran. Iran cannot make a move without Zionist money! ---ANSWER --> Iran is the only one, and the last nation in the world, not to have lose, monetary sovereignty, just as was Iraq before, ie, with Saddam Hussein, we are the monsters (Masonic) that destroy freedom in the world.. l'Iran è l'unica, e l'ultima nazione al mondo, a non avere perso, la sovranità monetaria: proprio come era l'Irak prima di Saddam Hussein, noi siamo i mostri(massonici) che distruggono la libertà nel mondo

    Rothschild IMF @ 666 -> when I say to you, "my friend" I am not a hypocrite, because I promised (to God YHWH) to be a friend of every person on this planet, that's, why who thinks and says, something of bad: against me: unius REI? then, his name has not yet been written in the book of life! not are me: what: I choose to be the enemy of someone, because I have the level of political justice: the larger, more: that men may know! In fact, only: unius REI, is the rightful owner: the bank seigniorage, of all people! rather, this is your chance: for to go out, from where is the powerful curse: of your ancestors [() Illuminati of Lucifer ()] have decided to immerse you and your descendants into the hell!

    @Rothscild 666 FMI --> quando, io dico: a te: "amico mio!": io non sono ipocrita, perché, io ho promesso(a Dio JHWH) di essere amico: di ogni persona: in questo pianeta, ecco perché: chi pensa e dice: qualcosa: di cattivo: contro di me: unius REI? allora, il suo nome: non è ancora stato scritto: nel libro della vita! non sono io: che: io scelgo di essere il nemico: di qualcuno, poiché, io sono il livello di giustizia politica: più grande, maggiore: che, gli uomini possono conoscere!! infatti, soltanto: Unius REI, è il legittimo proprietario: del signoraggio bancario: di tutti i popoli! piuttosto, questa è la tua occasione: per uscire: dalla potente maledizione in cui: i tuoi antenati [()Illuminati di Lucifero()] hanno deciso, di immergere te e i tuoi discendenti!

    @youtube[che: differenza c'è: tra voi e la CINA? nessuno! è perché il potere assoluto dei farisei del FMI? è lui che decide quello che è vero e quello che è falso, adesso anche: attraverso la censura.] ATTENZIONE:La community di YouTube ha segnalato uno o più dei tuoi video come non appropriati. Quando un video viene segnalato,. Dall'esame è emerso che i seguenti video presentano contenuti che violano le presenti norme, pertanto sono stati disattivati:"Jewish ritual murder kabbalah Talmud IMF Grove 322 666 IMF abduction 2 - (allDavidDuke) Il tuo account ha ricevuto un avvertimento relativo alle Norme della community, che sarà valido per sei mesi. Ulteriori violazioni potrebbero comportare la disattivazione temporanea della tua capacità di pubblicare contenuti su YouTube e/o la chiusura definitiva del tuo account.
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    allDavidDuke allDavidDuke ha pubblicato un commento 31 minuti fa @google youtube -- CIA Satan your 666 Tube --> because my icons: of: SatanQueenFagot is erased! but, in channel: "MassimoIlPetano" icon of MadonnaTroia100: not is vanished? SatanYour Tube --> I do not know what to make of you: if you do not answer my question of: " allDavidDuke has published a comment 21 minutes ago, "so too I will let you go!
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    @666 ---------> I will start to delete your superiors, masterS, so, you can see their dissolution! inizierò a cancellare i vostri superiori, maestri, così, si può vedere il loro scioglimento! je vais commencer à supprimer vos supérieurs, capitaines, ainsi, vous pouvez voir leur dissolution! voy a empezar a borrar sus superiores, maestros, por lo que, se puede ver su disolución! Ich werde beginnen, Ihre Vorgesetzten, Meister zu löschen, so können Sie ihre Auflösung zu sehen! senin üstleri, ustaları silmek başlayacak, böylece, onların çözünme görebilirsiniz! سأبدأ لحذف رؤسائك، الماجستير، لذلك، يمكنك ان ترى حل بهم! 당신의 상사, 주인을 삭제하기 시작합니다, 그래서 당신이 그들의 해산을 볼 수 있습니다! 私はあなたの上司、マスターを削除するには開始されますので、あなたが彼らの解散を参照することができます!
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    @ IsraelNationalTV -> because communists, Muslims, Jews and Hindus, they move as: a body, symbiotic partnership: where: some "painful losses" is believed to be inevitable? because those: who: have an ideological approach? they give: for granted: to do the killing (so more or less: refined) of all diversity. While: the 666 IMF: is: to: be victorious in the middle: to all these divisions. All in some way, have denied: either the sovereignty of God, or the sovereignty of the people! Like the Pharisees, the Illuminati, who killed Jesus, the synagogue of Satan, the IMF's 666, are always the same ones who have control of: all Christian nations: all because of the Queen of England and Freemasonry! and you? go tell it to them because: they are fairly intelligent to understand: the political implications: and supernatural: of what, I said is, that, I am the only one: legitimate authority, that is existing in the world!
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    Comment on your video: No War for Israel in Syria and Iran: :iiibbbzzz12345 SAID: I hope we were. there still hatred in each one of us,if we didn't work our selves to get rid of it,someday its going to control our actions. and this is worse than Zionism, My friend,y u have this video in ur channel"Why Muslims are criminal Mohammad killed christian martyr" All what u included in that video is not true.hope u'll broaden ur knowledge by reading. In muslim countries,there is a lot of christains and no one is opressing them. --ANSWER-- HOW CAN THIS BE THOSE LIES, for DO NOT GET OFF, the FIRE FROM HEAVEN? 400(100 communists: and 300 Muslims) Christians Martyr were killed: every day: to be all the Muslim Nations: absolutely all criminals against: the right to universal and transcendent: of the freedom of religion.
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    Comment on your video: No War for Israel in Syria and Iran: :iiibbbzzz12345 SAID: I hope we were. there still hatred in each one of us,if we didn't work our selves to get rid of it,someday its going to control our actions. and this is worse than Zionism, My friend,y u have this video in ur channel"Why Muslims are criminal Mohammad killed christian martyr" All what u included in that video is not true.hope u'll broaden ur knowledge by reading. In muslim countries,there is a lot of christains and no one is opressing them. --ANSWER-- HOW CAN THIS BE THOSE LIES, for DO NOT GET OFF, the FIRE FROM HEAVEN? 400(100 communists: and 300 Muslims) Christians Martyr were killed: every day: to be all the Muslim Nations: absolutely all criminals against: the right to universal and transcendent: of the freedom of religion.
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    @ youtube google 666 IMF CIA MOSSAD --- NWO -> If you do not need to tell to the Rothschilds: and to the Queen of England: that thou hast Been a good boy? Should you return to me my "SatanQueenFagot" and to tell Them, That They Have the courage to talk to me: if not are Cowards! @ israelnationalTV --------> if we (all the false Masonic Democracies: the banking seigniorage): we do not suffer: Censoring and predation: of your Jewish lobby ? we would have never allowed: the murder of many innocent Christians: all over the world! here's why : You Gave permission to God: to grant a new blackberries terrible holocaust Against : you! But, this is what Rothschild ( your hero Satanist ) has always known !
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    google youtube CIA666 IMF ------> as you not ashamed of yourself, to treat me as an international crime, that violates the standards of Community: just because you are the coward: he is afraid of Rothschild: IMF and its! I am aware that if everyone did: what you do? no one should die in this: in 3 ° WW nuclear, that: it is inevitable, for to hide the collapse: or scam: of IMF: either the collapse of the peoples from whom devitalized! @ IsraelNationalTV ------------> why not annihilate Iran: making him your ally? but he should give: real implementation: at freedom of religion: to give, to you: that you're racist: an example of civility and tolerance
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    @ Rothschild will hurt: if the IMF does not return it, to me: because Israel has Realized, That You have His Planned Destruction! I am King of Israel. ♰ "Verily, Verily, I say: If you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give" GV16, 23, ♰ OK! -> The "REI unius" Father YHWH: I command in Jesus' name, that: the blood of Jesus: be upon all men, women, aliens demons: They are in the blood of Jesus: he is in all. You are all sons of the devil, You Are Destined to the Hell Fire on you! [PAX ♰] I have done wrong: to the All Those criminals who trampled the love of the Cross [MENE ♰ Techel PERES] C ♰ SPB CSSML N DSMD VR SN SMVS MQL IV B ♰ "drink your poisons made ​​by yourself "♰
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    google youtube @ 666 IMF CIA -> "SatanQueenFagot" this account has-Been terminated for copyright infringement. thou hast Walked on the love of the Cross: -> how can do Condemn me for breach of "copyright" means clustering: that person who puts in youtube: for to make a video about the martyrdom of Christians? Claimed in this way who has to say: "the video is mine" Against me? but, he lied, and you are complicit with HIM, Because: I can not think That you are so stupid: to make a video about: the martyrdom of Christians, and then suffer: to denounce me if this video is replicated!? Claimed in this way who has to say: "the video is mine," he lied, and you are complicit with your criminal,
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    @ Rothschild:you will hurt: if the IMF does not return it, to me: because Israel has realized that you have planned his destruction! I am King of Israel. ♰ "Verily, Verily, I say: If you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give" GV16, 23, - ♰ ♰ OK! -> The "REI unius" Father YHWH: I command in Jesus' name, that: the blood of Jesus: be upon all men, women, aliens demons: are in the blood of Jesus: he is on all. You are all sons of the devil, You Are Destined For Hell: Of Fire! [PAX ♰ ♰] ♰ I have done wrong to the All Those criminals who cross tea Toppled [♚ ♰ MENE ♛ ♰ Techel ♛ ♰ PERES ♚] PAX ♰ ♰ C SPB CSSMLN DSMD VR SN SMVS MQLIV B ♰ "drink your poisons made ​​by yourself "♰
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    STratsLaw@ Troll ->NWO IMF 666 @ 322 -> and what is: be assimilated of service to you 666. seriously! Your proposal may be convenient? What is convenient for me? you have to go and break: the cock: to another! rather, it is not smarter to receive money for free from: unius REI: rather than: pay them to: Rothschild at 270% of their value? StratsLaw has published a comment 11 minutes ago: I'm just messing with you.
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    lorenzojhwh ha pubblicato un commento 1 anno fa: @youtube--> You Have Treated me as a vulgar racist. But You Will Be Responsible for the Death of the last patch / piece of democracy! This is all wood, in Addition to Any Other Wood, all on fire for you! I am lorenzojhwh ♔Rei Unius & King of Israel [✡♰♥♰✡]♔ ♛!♛[Rejected (content inappropriate)]Tesla 3di4 JEWS AGAINST ZIONIS israeli tv insults jesus christ.flv sab 18 set 2010 03:49:27 PDT #Visualizzazioni:155 Commenti:20 Risposte:  0 5 | 3 | Rifiutato (contenuti non appropriati) ♛!♛[Rejected (content inappropriate)] [Tesla 2di4 JEWS AGAINST ZIONIS israeli tv insults jesus christ.flv] 3:47 sab 18 set 2010 03:40:44 PDT | this video shows the blasphemous oaths, an Israeli television PUBBLIC: against Christianity--> This video shows how the enlightened: to manipulate / damage worldwide as well as Israel
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    I am not the religion I'm the only legitimate sovereign universal: to give, gratis! the money to all the peoples. I am here to take the IMF! io non sono la religione: io sono l'unico sovrano universale legittimo: per regalare: i soldi a tutti i popoli: io sono qui per prendere il FMI! this crime: of Satanists: Rabbis Jewish bankers Pharisees: Illuminati IMF: on all the world? lasted too! I'm sunk is: the people: and peoples in a disaster without precedent: is yhy, I am Unius REI! questo crimine di: satanisti: ebrei banchieri rabbini farisei: Illuminati del FMI: sul mondo? è durato troppo! io sto per sprofondate persone: e popoli: in una sventura senza precedenti! you know that: I can kill in a supernatural way! You're pushing me to do it-again! but: every life is precious to me: if it can be saved! sorry, too many people have to die: still: for the curse of yesterday!
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    KruelexX -- surely Thou art an honest man who does not know what is the banking seigniorage! certain: you're not a criminal: or Satanist or: a Freemason, that: is the accomplice of the synagogue of Satan (IMF): to be a traitor to the people: such as the CIA and MOSSAD! ie: if you knew, anything, about: the bank seigniorage? you would have two alternatives: either make a killing, or stay on the youtube page to rant like me! you too: that, you're a demon: you also have had a mandate: to be here! But, I also had a job that God gave me to do! because a minister of God like me? He could not operate without a warrant! no! the seigniorage: is the monetary sovereignty: that: the Mason traitor should never have to sell: at Satanist rabbi Jew Enlightened: because, she was stabbed in his heart the Constitution!. you have idea of what your friend Satanist: that yesterday he told me: "any resistance is futile" ok! but, you can not know how many people were convicted: to death for that word!
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    Thomas: I am 4 years that I say to you: "I do not write for the people!" I write against a man only: the Satanist Rabbi Rothschild.. and demons: they filled his body cursed? forcing him to read all my articles. ♰ "Verily, Verily, I say: If you ask anything of the Father in my name, he will give" GV16, 23, - ♰ ♰ OK! -> The "REI unius" Father YHWH: I command in Jesus' name, that: the blood of Jesus be upon you, and all men, women, aliens demons: are in the blood of Jesus: he is on all. You are all sons of the devil, You Are Destined For Hell: Of Fire! [PAX ♰ ♰] ♰ I have done wrong to the All Those criminals who cross tea Toppled [♚ ♰ MENE ♛ ♰ Techel ♛ ♰ PERES ♚] PAX ♰ ♰ C SPB CSSMLN DSMD VR SN SMVS MQLIV B ♰ "drink your poisons made ​​by yourself "♰
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    @youtube codard criminal, ah, ah, ah! --> [I Unius REI] I swear by the name of Jesus: solemnly! all those who think that someone else: because: of his race: or his religion can not be: his neighbor, his brother, another self? he can not enter: in the kingdom of God! here's why: I have condemned to the Hell: the 60%: of the entire human race! alia, that: the servant of God (sharia, Talmud, hindu comunist etc. ..): you are the servant of Satan: only! [Io Unius REI] lo lo giuro: nel nome di Gesù: solennemente! tutti coloro che pensano: che qualcuno altro: a motivo della sua razza: o della sua religione: possa non essere: il suo prossimo: il suo fratello: un altro se stesso? lui non potrà entrare nel Regno di Dio! ecco perché: io ho condannato all'inferno: il 60%: di tutto il genere umano! altro che: servo di Dio(sharia, talmud, ecc..): tu sei il servo di satana!

    [human sacrifice: for Baal] of course: only: those who: do these human sacrifices: in honor of the devil: that is, all the rabbis more important: only: they know: these things, but, also, if, the people the Jews: are innocent: of this crime: directly: they are all complicit, why: have benefit: of the Masonic system and banking seigniorage: To become: the world's richest: people and powerful! that: it is in those crimes: they are: support and foundation: of their wealth! because thou Mason? you are the accomplice of seigniorage banking: and all that: that: the occult's behind: even if you do not know him rationally! while: the Holy Spirit has already told you in spirit: for you to be a hyena: that: you going straight to hell!

    [human sacrifice: for Baal] this is shown: of the Word of God: Moses, Elijah, Solomon, etc. .. They knew: about; yhe human sacrifice: that some Jews did! this: it has been reported: by many prophets .. that, they always knew everyone: as: all the Popes: and all the Catholic Princes, but the solution of the genocide? That was the only solution that could solve this disturbing: abomination: it is not: never: seemed: a reasonable solution: to start: from Moses that: has prevented: to God: YHWH: to do: the genocide of all the jews: but Moses was mistaken: that God was right and that genocide? was done: right! hours: these Satanists? are the masters of Freemasonry: IMF NWO: and now, these rabbis Illuminati Satanists? they do will all die of you!

    [against the Jews: the Antichrist of the IMF] 1 Kings 18.21 And Elijah came: to all the people and said: "Until such time as: limping: between: two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow him! If Baal is God, follow him. " The people did not answer anything (damn). And also: St. Paul recommends: Christians to avoid: Heb 12.13: and straight: the crooked ways: to your steps, because: the limping foot: storpiarsi not have to, but: rather than to heal. - Answer-> THIS is a curse against all the Jews masonic: the Pharisees of the Talmud: ie: the Illuminati IMF: the accomplices of the Bohemian Grove: is Baal owl god! I: unius REI: I curse: in the name of Jesus: in Bethlehem, all your sons: and all: your genes: why: disappear: forever: your name: cursed: by the people of God: Israel!

    @youtube--> queste nuove modifiche di youtube? sono un vero "colpo di Stato!"; una palese violazione dei diritti umani! un annientamento: progressivo e graduale: della libertà di espressione, siamo praticamente impediti o inibiti nella comunicazione con gli altri utenti! [[ es:. Da: allDavidDuke: A: B4XP-5D1MjaAr7w_Wfhf9Q ]] questo graduale soffocamento? è una tecnica ebraica della kaballah @ youtube ->all these new changes: youtube of? are a real "coup", a blatant violation of human rights! annihilation: progressive and gradual: of the freedom of expression, we are practically prevented or inhibited in communicating with other users! [[Es:. From: allDavidDuke: A: B4XP-5D1MjaAr7w_Wfhf9Q]] this gradual suffocation? is a technique of the Jewish Kaballah

    @ IsraelNationalTV -> Controversy: about: what I wrote: NoahTheNephilim (11 hours ago)?: No, not yet: stop it! but, as someone may think that: unius Rei must intervene to protect his life (innocent), but, then, UniusREI not: should intervene when: you endangers the lives (innocent) of the other? is clear: 1. I tutelo: the religious identity: e: politics of the people, but no: when it becomes a criminal! one thing: is to make: policies: protectionism and the other thing is to kill: or to do evil to someone, in the name of that policy .. I am a practical man, if, though: there are no serious cases: of the injustice? I am not speaking: I do not do violence: about: in issues: ideological or religious!

    @ ulived1969 ---> Jesus said, that many: they would come: in his name to say: "I am!" .. how, you can bring: yourself, in disobedience, or in opposition to the word of God? @ulived1969---> Gesù ha detto, che, in tanti: sarebbero venuti: nel suo nome: a dire: "sono io!".. come tu puoi mettere: te stesso: in disubbidienza: in opposizione: alla parola di Dio?

    @IsraelNationalTV--> la polemica: circa: quello che io ho scritto: NoahTheNephilim (11 ore fa)?: no, non si è ancora attenuata! ma, come qualcuno: può pensare: che: Unius Rei: deve intervenire: a tutela della sua vita(innocente), ma, poi, UniusREI: non: dovrebbe intervenire: quando: è: lui che mette in pericolo la vita(innocente) degli altri? è chiaro: 1. io tutelo: la identità religiosa: e: politica dei popoli, ma, non: quando questa diventa criminale! una cosa è fare: politiche di: protezionismo e altra cosa: è uccidere: o fare del male: a qualcuno, in nome: di quella politica.. io sono un uomo pratico, se: non ci sono casi gravi: di ingiustizie? io non intervengo in questioni: ideologiche o religiose!

    @WarriorIslamic... for my universal jurisdiction: for the glory of my own, position: in the: Jewish Temple heaven: with immediate effect: I establish: that who loves God and recognize: a true freedom of religion and true equality : of all men as brothers, "his neighbor!": that is, he submits: himself: at the natural law: that: it is represented by the truth: of the: 10: commandments of Moses? he can receive: the certainty of forgiveness of all his sins! for live your life: at the presence of the "fear of God? he has the certainty: of not being rejected by the Kingdom of God on account of its sins." as follows: "for the same sins? some of them: will be considered "right": but : others, will be considered "guilty!" halleujah

    @WarriorIslamic- per la mia giurisdizione universale: per la gloria della mia, attuale: posizione: nel Tempio ebraico celeste: con effetto immediato: io dispongo: che, chiunque ama Dio: e riconoscere: una vera libertà di religione: ed una vera uguaglianza: di tutti gli uomini: come fratelli: "il suo prossimo!": cioè, lui sottomette: se stesso: alla legge naturale: che: è rappresentata dalla verità: dei 10 comandamenti di Mosé? lui possa ricevere: la certezza: del perdono: di tutti i suoi peccati! chiunque: viva la sua vita: alla presenza del: "timore di Dio? lui abbia la certezza: di non essere respinto dal Regno di Dio: a motivo dei suoi peccati!." così: per gli stessi peccati: alcuni: saranno ritenuti: "giusti": come: ed altri, saranno ritenuti: "colpevoli!"

    @WarriorIslamic - might be jealous: all charismatic Christians: that I am about to give, to all mankind: this precious treasure of Christ, without pretending of be by anyone to become Christian without pretending to be anyone to change the their religion because Jesus said, "not the one who says to me: "Lord.. Lord.."but only, those who do: the works of my Father will come: in my Father's kingdom", but since I'm the King: largest King: Unius REI, in all the history of the mankind? Therefore, even my generosity and munificence: are proportional, with my good will: You are can put referring: with the greatness of my majesty: ie, the greatness of the Majesty of GOD: JHWH ALLAH, ecc. ie: one only God! Blessings too

    @ WarriorIslamic --- forse saranno gelosi: tutti i carismatici cristiani: che, io sto per dare: a tutto il genere umano: questo prezioso tesoro: di Cristo: senza pretendere da nessuno: di diventare cristiano: senza pretendere da nessuno: di cambiare la propria religione: poiché: Gesù ha detto: "non chi dice: Signore? Signore! ma, soltanto, chi fa: le opere del Padre mio: potrà entrare: nel Regno del Padre mio! "ma, poiché, io sono il Re: più grande, di tutta la storia del genere umano? quindi, anche la mia generosità e munificenza: sono proporzonali con la mia benevolenza: è sono in riferimento: alla grandezza della mia regalità! shalom + salam

    @ WarriorIslamic --- but, because: the arrogant: of "OpenlySupportingGays": said: "Why do you spam? No one: likes you. Atheists will prevail.". I like, Unius Rei: I will do: a precious gift: to all peoples: that: love God: on all over the world, of every religion to all men who, they want not: to belong to the army of Satan: [masonry IMF: NWO: Sharia , Talmud, Kabbalah, bigotry, racism, violence.]. All men who do not want to do evil: for freedom of religion? to all honest people? they want to live like Gandhi? I decided in my universal kingship: to do to all them: a divine gift and supernatural: that is the guarantee that will not be rejected by the Kingdom of God on account of their sins (involuntary) in their journey on the path of goodness!

    WarriorIslamic said: Before Abraham was, I am! Is not that a great proof of your Bible:(is) distortion & Corruption? U just dont understand THE SIGNS OF JONAH, do you! tHESE SIGNS OF jONAH HAD PROVEN THAT jESUS,JUST LIKE jONAH never died at all! iF NOT DIED, THEN THERE WAS no resurrection of Jesus!-- ASWER-- lol. your mind? is very primitive! BUT, I do not want you, do of you,another bad Christian! I want to make you: a good Muslim, that he loves and respects the Cristinos: as himself!

    WarriorIslamic said: Bla bla bla from Satanic Books? Buahahahahaha.. Jesus said "Worship Thy God,My God!" - ANSWER-- THIS IS perfectly! if Jesus was not: true man and true God (two natures)? he could not make a redemption, because, as true man: he has done: himself guilty, for us it's like: the true God: he has been unable to pay: the offended infinite offense against: the infinite majesty of God ! QUESTO È PERFETO! se Gesù non era vero uomo e anche vero Dio(due nature)? lui non avrebbe potuto fare la redenzione: poiché, come vero uomo: lui ha fatto: se stesso colpevole, al posto nostro: è come: vero Dio: lui ha potuto pagare: l'offesa infinita: commessa contro: la infinita regalità di Dio!

    Radioflyer911 Commento al tuo video: Wafa Sultan on Sharia freedom of religion The arab spring begin where? And is there freedom there? No! Sharia is not freedom. 8:53 Wafa Sultan on Sharia freedom of religion @-EUROPE AMERICA] not one just of immigrant Muslim, should be more accepted: in Europe America, but all Muslims who do not have children? they must be deported to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turk, etc. ... [where is forbidden to be ChristIAN

    Lulu46389 Commento al tuo video: Turkish Christians Martyred x Christ freedom of religion Jesus is the Savior of the world. Jesus is the redeemer of the world. Open the door of your heart to Jesus, and see how the whole change on the inside of a person. God bless you. LourdesRangel point com 6:50 Turkish Christians Martyred x Christ freedom of religion @-EUROPE AMERICA] not one just of immigrant Muslim, should be more accepted: in Europe America, but all Muslims who do not have children? they must be deported to Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Turk, etc. ... [where is forbidden to be Christ...

    @ elite leaders - you will not want to believe, to all the bullshit of the religion? really: you will be so naive? but, you really think: that: alms, or prayers, or sacrifices: they can have: some value: when at its foundation: there is no justice? Jesus said: "Whoever would save his life? Lose it!": "You can not serve two masters!" Who does not hate his life in this world will lose it ".. here's why: if you not risk your life .. for, you have to leave: 666 rothscild Kabbalah, Talmud 322 bush: and come and not see me immediately! but even the old testament says the same thing: the very first commandment!

    @ Freemasons, Satanists Illuminati: seigniorage banking Sharia communist political elites leading media executives: - 666 Kabbalah: Talmud 322: - but, what do you expect? that God would never lead: to you: your account: for all your crimes?: for being a traitor: of his Kingdom? lol. However, I have good news: it's good for you! "All your relatives? are all in the infinite anguish: in an abyss of despair, and destruction without remedy: your father's house: Satan, hell, but, you still do not: that is, you're not still there gone! "

    @massoni, satanisti - sharia comunisti politici leader elite giornalisti dirigenti:- 666 kabbalah: 322 talmud: -- ma, cosa voi credevate? che, Dio non avrebbe mai portato: a voi: il conto: dei vostri crimini?: per essere stati dei traditori: del suo Regno? lol. tuttavia, io ho una notizia positiva: che è buona per voi! "tutti i vostri parenti? sono tutti nella angoscia infinita: in un abisso di disperazione, e di distruzione: senza rimedio: la casa di votro padre: satana: l'inferno, ma, voi ancora no: cioè, voi non ci siete ancora andati!"

    @ Jews - no longer: to Rothschild: that you must watch! because: he's damaged the cane: that: when you support: for making pressure on it?: then: breaks "collapse IMF": becoming a sharp weapon: and you pierce the hand: piercing it, this is the time: that: you look to your King: lorenzojhwh Unius REI .. about the fact that I am not jew? this is a false problem, since there are many examples in the Bible, of the goyim, who powerfully: has delivered and blessed Israel. first: of all: Melchizedek: o: Malki-Tzedek מַלְכִּי - צֶדֶק: /: מַלְכִּי - צָדֶק: "My King is right"

    @ebrei-- non è più: a Rothscild: che, voi dovete guardare! poiché: lui è quella canna danneggiata: che: quando ti appoggi: facendo pressione: su di essa?: poi: si spezza: diventando una arma affilata: e ti forerà, la mano: trafiggendola, questo è il momento: che: tu guardi al tuo Re: lorenzojhwh.. circa, il fatto che, io non sono ebreo? questo è un falso problema: poiché, nella Bibbia ci sono molti esempi, di goym, che hanno potentemente liberato e benedetto Israele. primo: fra tutti: Melchizedek: o: Malki-tzédek מַלְכִּי־צֶדֶק: / :מַלְכִּי־צָדֶק: "Il mio Re è giusto"

    those who speak against me? is like Lucifer, who, he said: "You can do better." lol. yes, but then became Satan! My detractor? is like: Adam.. lol. but, then, he has lost his "paradise earth": making: downgrade: regress: in sin and in death! but, as can be: not have an exemplary punishment, the denigrating : of Unius Rei? chi parla contro di me? è come lucifero, che, ha detto: "si può fare di meglio!". lol. si, ma, poi, è diventato satana! il mio denigratore? è come Adamo.. lol. ma poi, lui ha perso il suo: "paradiso: terrestre": facendolo declassare: regredire: nel peccato e nella morte! ma, come potranno rimanere: senza una esemplare punizione: i denigratori di Unius Rei?

    Which of my enemies will not receive the "well served" by God "? when you will hit? So, you say: "Lord I believe: forgiveness mercy: for me!" quale dei miei nemici: non dovrà ricevere il : "ben servito": da Dio stesso"? quando sarete colpiti? allora, voi direte : "Signore io credo: perdono pietà!"here's why: the time has come: for you, "the head of a mule," that you educate yourself to justice! @Israele -- Il Signore ti benedica e ti custodisca: mostri a te il Suo volto; e ti doni la sua pace... ma ... IL SIGNORE DIO TI BENEDICA!!!! ma, tu ritorna al Signore tuo Dio! stop -- kabbalah 666; talmud 322

    @ kakam - you resign! If this ugly story of the IMF: I do not close it: peacefully? would be closed anyway: in a dramatic way! God has said: "Enough!" @kakam -- voi rassegnatevi! se questa brutta storia del FMI: non la chiudo io: pacificamente? si chiuderebbe comunque: in modo drammatico! Dio ha detto : "basta!" enough! with all these stupid wars: about the religion! we give to all this: the final cut: who does the relione? He comes out of politics! basta! con tutte queste stupide guerre: circa: la religone! noi diamo a tutto questo: un taglio definitivo: chi fa la religione? lui esce dalla politica!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu:FROM:"IsraelNationalTV"- Satanism of the Talmud? exceed: enormously: the ideology of Satanism itself: why says that all men are animals evolved: while: the Talmud: of Our masters: Illuminati: IMF: says that men: are only them, while all others: are only animals in human form: these fools Rabbis Kakam of Enlightened? have the resources: and the power to put the micro-chip at all: their animals (goyim) to do of: the whole: human race, one only: bunch of slaves! Well I know that, all the political, you're only clowns: puppetry: all prostitutes of Fund: at sold all souls to hell: in the Freemasons .. But: I swear in the name of the living God: You do not have tears and despair: you can imagine, if you: with all the other politicians in the world will not find: a solution to this: IMF: and for what: that: I can understand? the solution can be: only: the Kingdom of Unius Rei!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM:"IsraelNationalTV"-- il satanismo del talmud? supera: enormemente: la ideologia del satanismo stesso: il quale: dice che: tutti gli uomini: sono animali evoluti: mentre: il talmud: dei nostri padroni: del FMI: dice: che gli uomini sono soltanto loro: mentre: tutti gli altri: sono soltanto animali in forma umana: questi pazzi? hanno le risorse: ed il potere per mettere il microichip a tutti: i loro animali(goym) per fare: di tutto il genere umano, un solo branco di schiavi! Io so bene, che, voi politici siete soltanto dei buffoni: burattini: tutte le prostitute del fondo monetario: tutte anime vendute all'inferno: nella massoneria.. ma, io ti giuro: nel nome del Dio vivente: Voi, non avrete lacrime e disperazione: da poter immaginare: se tu: insieme a tutti gli altri politici: del mondo non troverete: una soluzione a questo: FMI: e per quello: che: io riesco a comprendere? la soluzione può essere: soltanto: il Regno di Unius Rei!

    @ Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - Muslims and communists? are people too: ignorant: evil: their cultural background? is incomplete! They do not know that, with the founding of the Bank of England are the Jews, who took control: "Masonic" of: New World Order: of the IMF: of the policy, as of the institutions: and all others: a strategic resource: ie, of all .. thus, the "Commonwealth" was abandoned only because it was replacement: a satanic Imperialism: perverse and even more refined: that is, the IMF's bank seigniorage! When these cursed by God: of Muslims and communists see Christians, who make war against them? they do not understand, who are not Christians: to have the control: of the power! So you yourselves are the instigators: and the real cause of the martyrdom of Christians in our modern history and contemporary world! because this is in fact: Christians have no one who can protect them!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - musulmani e comunisti? sono persone troppo: ignoranti: malvagi: la loro formazione culturale? è lacunosa! Loro non sanno, che, con la fondazione della Banca di Inghilterra: sono gli ebrei, che, hanno preso il controllo: "massonico": del NWO FMI: sia della politica, come delle istituzioni: e di ogni altra: risorsa strategica.. così, il "Commonwealth": fu abbandonato: soltanto perché, è stato sostitutito: da un imperialismo satanico: ancora più perverso e raffinato: cioè, il signoraggio bancario del FMI! Quando questi maledetti da Dio: di musulmani e comunisti: vedono i cristiani, che, fanno la guerra: contro di loro? loro non capiscono, che, non sono i cristiani: ad avere il controllo: del potere! Così siete voi: i veri mandanti: e la vera causa del martirio dei cristiani, nella nostra storia moderna e contemporanea: in tutto il mondo! poiché, questo è nei fatti: i cristiani non hanno nessuno, che può proteggerli!

    @ Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV" - I know when they can be: the pieces of shit, all other (non-Jews), but God does not want: that: you do the role: of the Egyptian Pharaohs (Illuminati) against: them: because: is this, that he decided: the IMF of Rothschild: to do of everything: from the human race: one and only "bunch of slaves!" (microchip and NWO) and no Freemason, Satanist or jew: can ignore this fundamental truth! Now, if God does not: it gave me: a kingdom of angels, to govern? ie, this ministry political of: "Unius Rei"? God give me, also, the means: to handle this: situation! If you continue: to make cowards: the dangerous traitors, of all the nations: behind your computer? you alone: you will be responsible of the blood: innocent: of your, and, of our children!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV"- How, io conosco quando possono essere: dei pezzi di merda: tutti gli altri:(non ebrei), ma, Dio: non vuole: che: voi facciate il ruolo: dei Faraoni egiziani(Illuminati) contro: di loro: perché: è questo, che, ha deciso: il FMI di Rothscild: di fare, di tutto: il genere umano: un unico, e solo: "branco di schiavi!"(NWO e micro chip) e nessun massone, satanista o ebreo: può ignorare, questa fondamentale verità! Ora, se Dio: non: mi ha dato: un regno: di angeli, da governare? cioè, questo ministero politico: di Unius Rei? lui mi darà, anche, gli strumenti: per gestire questa situazione! se voi continuerete, a fare i vigliacchi: i nocivi traditori, di tutti i popoli: dietro il vostro computer? voi soltanto: sarete i responsabili: del sangue innocente dei vostri: e dei nostri figli!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu: FROM: "IsraelNationalTV"- How many countries: the Romans were forced to destroy? and what people have been completely displaced from them? we know what they were: the Romans, practical, rational and tolerant .. Now if we look at the history of these: last: 4000 years, we must recognize that there is a problem in the Jewish people (beyond the romanticized reconstructions: partisan or interpretations) .. This problem is certainly not the religion, but: it is much more of a feeling of racism, and contempt, is, hatred covered with hypocrisy (ie, Talmud and Kabbalah) against: to all the goyim, that's what led to say "final Solution": "either we, or their" guys, you are worse than Muslims! because: you represent (through a silence: an accomplice, because, quite self-defeating) the parasitic organism of the IMF.

    @Benjamin Netanyahu FROM "IsraelNationalTV" - as I have experienced: this intense love jewis in the holy spirit? I could not avoid: to think of Jesus: and I said: the Jews? they could not kill him, as are in possessing: of an such love: some, for others? they can not kill: their: each other! and also, if Jesus was pleased: of to be killed? to make of himself, the sacrificial lamb? However: only: the Pharisees of Talmud: satanis of Satan synagogue: ie rabbis Kakam: Illuminati could do a job like that! here is: why these criminals: sold to the devil, and played too of cunning, against the goodness of my Jewish people. had fun too: with all kinds of wars, murder: Shoah Olocaust, ecc.. now, this cruel game of the IMF: against: the Jews and against all peoples? well, soon: it must end!

    @Benjamin Netanyahu FROM "IsraelNationalTV" - this evening, for the first time in my life: the Holy Spirit has made ​​you feel to me the great love that there is: in the people of the Jews: that is, one: for others: it is a love that: is so great: they become very tolerant, almost complicit: that is, as a love among of women .. for the first time in my life: I have heard: myself, in the midst of this: Jewish love: it was not something collective: or generic, but it was a specific love: a love only my own, just only: for me. as well: my stream of love: very was specific: that is right for everyone of you!

    @ Benjamin Netanyahu FROM "IsraelNationalTV" - questa sera: per la prima volta: nella mia vita: lo Spirito Santo: ha fatto sentire a me: il grande amore: che c'é: nel popolo degli ebrei: cioè: gli uni: per gli altri: è un amore: che: è così grande: da divenire molto tollerante: quasi complice: cioè un amore: di tipo femminile.. per la prima volta: nella mia vita: io ho sentito: me stesso: in mezzo a questo: amore ebraico: non era qualcosa di colletivo: o di generico: ma, era un amore specifico: un amore tutto mio, proprio soltanto: per me. come anche: questo mio flusso di amore: era stato prorpio specifico: cioè proprio per ognuno di voi!

    @peoples -- that you want from me? I am, truly, a man very limited! I know as love: and I will be very affectionate sensitive and gentle, especially, I know forgive: and forget the past of ex-bad people! I can not betray: and, therefore, I do not admit of being betrayed! if someone is very man bad? I can make to him the evil: he will can have big problems by me! you see? I do not have anything special, because everyone can do the same things I do: better than me! che volete da me? io sono, veramente, un uomo molto limitato! io so amare: e io essere molto affettuoso: sensibile e gentile, soprattutto, io so perdonare: e dimenticare: il passato cattivo delle persone! io non so tradire: e, quindi, io non ammetto di essere tradito! se qualcuno è cattivo? io posso fare passare a lui: dei grossi problemi! vedete? io non ho niente di speciale: perché tutti possono fare: le stesse cose: che io faccio: meglio di me!

    [North Korea] Kim Jong-A @ - I'm not a quack: I do not sell: the fruit at the market! but if you do an act of justice: for freeing: of the Christians: that: they, too: they are the seamless Communists: are commuist more perfect, of other, as we all? I will try to do good to you: as also at your father: in this life: and in the day of Judgement: If you will be given to me: this possibility by God! [Corea del Nord]@Kim Jong-Un -- io non sono un ciarlatano: io non vendo: la frutta al mercato! ma, se tu farai un atto di giustizia: liberando: i cristiani: che: anche loro: sono dei pefetti comunisti, come tutti? Io cercherò di fare del bene a te: come a tuo padre: in questa vita e nel giorno del giudizio universale: se a me sarà data: questa possibilità da Dio!

    @ youtube - it's useless: that someone: ie bad man: he wants to denigrate: my methodology! I have the angelic hosts: for to intervene, through the power of metaphysics! I do not need human instruments: is why, my authority has been recognized: in the kingdom of God. here's why: all the poor Christians who: are held prisoners all over the world will be issued in freedom: will be set at liberty: they can not be held guilty, for the fact: to be Christians! @youtube -- è inutile che: qualcuno: vuole denigrate: la mia metodologia! io ho le schiere angeliche: per intervenire: attraverso, la forza della metafisica! io non ho bisogno di strumenti umani: perché, la mia autorità è stata riconosciuta: nel regno di Dio.. ecco perché: tutti i poveri cristiani: che: sono tenuti prigionieri: in ogni parte del mondo: saranno rilasciati: saranno messi in libertà: poiché, loro non possono essere ritenuti colpevoli: per il fatto di: essere cristiani!

    Commento al tuo video: North Korean Christian /// kangsan2014 said: 북한은 쓰레기같은 기독교를 필요로 하지 않다.[North Korean Christian What scares me most? is to regard as is impossible to find a communist or a Muslim, which they condemn, publicly, all the murders committed by them, to this day, at the expense of the poor and peaceful: ie innocent Christian martyrs! who can find ...]] kangsan2014 SAID: North Korea does not need the Christian crap. -- ANSWER -- FOR Glory of God: blessed? you will see the ruin that, you called: against your Country .. 하나님의 영광 : 축복? 당신은 당신이라는 파멸을 볼 수 있습니다 : 귀하의 국가에 대한

Informazioni su all on David Duke


04/27/2013 VATICAN - CHINA
Archbishop Savio Hon: I pray for Mgr Jin Luxian and I hope to go to his funeral
by Savio Hon*
The secretary of the Vatican Congregation for the Evangelisation of Peoples talks about the bishop of Shanghai, who passed away today. Despite criticism and suspicion, Mgr Jin worked hard for the Church's mission. The time for purification and reconciliation has come. For the Vatican, Mgr Ma Daqin is the successor of the bishop of Shanghai. Even Pope Francis keeps relics of the Church's mistakes in China.
Vatican City (AsiaNews) - We are all very saddened by the death of Mgr Aloysius Jin Luxian, who was called to heaven today. As bishop, he had reconciled with the Holy Father and his appointment had been approved. I pray for him and I would really like to go to his funeral. I met Mgr Jin for the first time in the early '90s, when he invited me to teach at Sheshan seminary. I was close to him; first of all, because he...

04/27/2013 BANGLADESH
Rana Plaza collapse, two owners-blackmailers arrested
by Nozrul Islam
Mahbubur Rahman Tapas and Blazul Samad Adnan forced their employees to work, even if the building had been declared unfit for use. The death toll rises to 323. 15 people found alive, but hundreds are still missing. At least 10 thousand workers take to the streets demanding greater safety measures. On Twitter pope Francis makes a plea for the victims.
04/27/2013 VIETNAM
Trang Bom: Vietnamese authorities against priests and bishop united to the end single party rule
People's Committee launches smear campaigns and threats against diocesan clergy. They are charged with having promoted prelates’ reflections on the draft reform of Constitution. Frontal attack against bishops and priests, for fear that desire for change is growing among population.
04/27/2013 CHINA - VATICAN
Msgr. Aloysius Jin Luxian, official bishop of Shanghai, has died
by Wang Zhicheng
04/27/2013 KAZAKHSTAN
Kazakhstan, "religious freedom does not exist"
Cases of persecution against minority religious are growing. Members of religious communities and human rights defenders in the country report that there is no freedom of faith.

04/27/2013 PAKISTAN
Ashfaq Fateh, Christians and Muslims mourn the death of a "model of activism"
by Shafique Khokhar
Like Anthony Mathew and Shahbaz Bhatti, he has "left his mark on the map of Pakistan." His funeral was attended by a "great multitude" without distinction of creed or social class. Close to Fr. Bonnie Mendes, the activist was known for promotion of education and development of the
04/27/2013 CHINA - HONG KONG
Sichuan quake: Catholics among the victims hope to rebuild destroyed homes and churches
by Jian Mei
In the affected area at least 6 thousand of 10 thousand Catholics have lost their homes, farms, crops. Three churches were completely destroyed, with many others seriously damaged. The Chengdu regional seminary also damaged. Some churches destroyed in the 2008 earthquake had not yet been rebuilt. Card. Tong launches appeals for prayer and to raise funds to be donated by Caritas Hong Kong. Many people, disgusted by the corruption of the Chinese government prefer direct donations through NGOs working in Sichuan.
04/26/2013 BANGLADESH
Rana Plaza collapse victims compelled by employers
by Nozrul Islam
Inspectors had called for the closure of the nine-storey building that housed five garment factories, a shopping complex and a bank. So far, 304 are known to have died. More than 2,000 people are injured and another 372 are still missing. The factories supplied major retailers, like Britain's Primark.
04/26/2013 IRAQ
Four dead and 50 wounded in attacks on Baghdad Sunni mosques
Deaths and injuries are reported in Mosul and Suleiman Beg following clashes between Sunni groups and the army. PM Al-Maliki warns that no one wins in conflict. Oil-rich Kirkuk proves divisive. Elections are postponed in two predominantly Sunni provinces.
US intelligence accuses Damascus of using nerve gas
With Congress divided over chemical weapons assessment in Syria, Republicans want the White House to act, but the latter remains cautious. For Senator McCain however, "It's pretty obvious that red line has been crossed."
04/26/2013 SYRIA - VATICAN
No sign of Orthodox bishops' release, fears of political blackmail grow
by Elias Khoury
Sources tell AsiaNews they will believe in the release when they can see and talk to the two bishops. Delay is a sign that something went wrong. So far, Christians have not taken sides with either warring party. The pope calls for a political solution to the crisis. Western governments seek to arm the opposition. Accusations of nerve gas use could lead to US military intervention.
04/26/2013 CHINA
Sichuan Earthquake, three minutes of silence for the victims
The province is preparing to honour the people who died in Sunday's earthquake, with vehicles sounding their sirens at 08.02 (when the first quake hit) followed by silence. Entertainment activities in public places will be halted tomorrow. As death toll climbs towards 200, a survivor is pulled after 72 hours. Controversy surrounds the poor quality of collapsed buildings.
04/26/2013 INDIA
Caritas Delhi: End all violence to develop families and nation
Chetanalaya, a diocesan NGO linked to Caritas, is launching a campaign against the abuse of women and children, not forgetting the many men and boys who are victims of similar attacks. The Director: "Violence is a critical problem, it is essential enhance women." The work of thousands of women in the slums of New Delhi who have started small businesses, literacy courses and micro-credit banks.
04/26/2013 CHINA
Persecution of Chen Guangcheng’s family "getting worse"
A year after the escape of the blind dissident, known for his battles against forced abortions and sterilizations in Shandong, the communist authorities continue to persecute his family with arrests and psychological pressures. Reggie Littlejohn: "They are trying to silence one of the most authoritative voices in the battle for human rights in China."
04/26/2013 VIETNAM
From Saigon to the Central Highlands, 10 years of witness to Christ and the Gospel
by Nguyen Hung
In the Year of Faith, the parish of Vuon Xoai celebrates the mission among the Montagnards. A 800 km long journey to bring the Word of God and celebrate Mass "every two weeks." The faithful ask for the creation of a stable community and the presence of priests. A " long cultivated” wish.

Top 10
04/24/2013 VATICAN
Pope: The Church is not an NGO and the IOR is needed "up to a certain point"
04/23/2013 SYRIA
Two Orthodox Bishops abducted by an armed group on the road to Aleppo
04/20/2013 ASIA-USA
Boston, suspected attackers may have trained in Chechen Islamic school
04/22/2013 QATAR
Millions of "slaves" to prepare the 2022 World Cup in Qatar
04/20/2013 KYRGYZSTAN
Central Asian mosques supplying young Muslims for Syrian war
04/23/2013 NEPAL - CHINA - TIBET
Nepal promises China to crack down on Tibetan refugees
by Kalpit Parajuli
04/23/2013 VATICAN
Pope: missionary activity, the "sweet joy of evangelization" makes the Church "a Mother"
04/24/2013 VATICAN
Pope: "Life is not given to us to jealously guard for ourselves, but to gift to others"
04/23/2013 KOREA
The "new" Korean martyrs bear witness to Christ at knife point
by Joseph Yun Li-sun
04/21/2013 VATICAN
Pope ordains 10 new priests, "build the house of God, which is the Church, with word and deed"

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