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Former European commissioner Emma Bonino

YouTube Rewind 2012 KingxKingdom2 ha pubblicato un commento 1 secondo fa agenda talmud evil kabbalah, 666, 322, for masonic system, of banking seigniorage, "God save us", from horror family IMF FED ECB, private, SpA Corporations's Rothschild: III World War, for destroy Israel, and all muslims islamists country, "muoia sansone(Israele) con tutti i filistei (musulmani) --- Bonino (bildenberg) tipped to be foreign minister. Bank of Italy's Saccomanni favourite to be economy minister. 27 April, (see related stories) (ANSA) - Rome, April 27 - Former European commissioner Emma Bonino is likely to be foreign minister in the government Enrico Letta(bildenberg) KingxKingdom2 ha pubblicato un commento 20 minuti fa NAPLES - Appeal of Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, to Israel: "We know that Italy has forced to the peace process, and that, too, the U.S. is determined. Israel will seize: this: opportunity: gr…

sublime science satan

idiot cannibal 666 IMF 322 NWO -- i am not lorenzo, i am Unius REI! and if you said it, again? i will go to the Merkel for you, but, perhaps, you want to give a teaching, about, your the sublime science, of your satan, to me and to Merkel? aber vielleicht wollen Sie eine Lehre, über, ihr die erhabene Wissenschaft, Ihrer satan, mir und Merkel geben? ma, forse, tu vuoi dare un insegnamento, circa, la scienza sublime del tuo satana, anche a me ed alla Merkel??

    with the exception of the Jews and their rabbis, who are unaware, are innocent, about the fact, to consume a mixture of human blood, because the Pharisees to Rothschild IMF, FED, ECB, they want to put all the Jews, under a curse, to prepare them again, again, to a new Holocaust, all, the other, however, are cannibals in a conscious way? they know not, have the genes, that they can survive, in the history of mankind, as also, in the history of the Kingdom of God.. is why, Holy Spirit said it. ad eccezione degli ebrei e dei lo…