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they are great fun for me

my "EvolutionisReligion", SAID: "because the fable: of this: "eternal theory": of this scientific falsehood: it can never be destroyed? why, in turn: proves that: for: Rabbis of the Talmud of the Pharisees IMF: is the true word of God: in fact, the Talmud said that Goym are animals in human form: and as: I have shown, that: even all the Jews: that are finished to: Auschwitz: (see: the case) they too were "goymWakeUp" why, had lost: their: paternal genealogies. if, Rothschild is still alive? then, he has not yet descended into hell!

Hei Rotscild rabbi kakam: ie: Priest Caiaphas: you're a criminal mastermind of IMF! -> lol. not only: you killed the true Messiah of your people! But, you also: have transformed: also: all your people jewish: in goyim! you have destroy to them: all: their genealogy: paternal: you have done: of them all: the fake Jews: that are: all the animals: from the human form.. Hey Rotscild kakam Rabbi: I hope for you: you…