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Giulio Regeni Egitto verschwunden Satanist

Giulio Regeni: Egitto: " soddisfatte 98% richieste, Tranne quelle incostituzionali sui tabulati telefonici, DOVE NOI ABBIAMO PROTETTO GLI ASSASSINI SERVIZI SEGRETI SAUDITI, E POI PERCHÉ TANTO CHIASSO, PER UNO SCHIAVO DI INFEDELE DHIMMI? "

I found it! ] [09.04.2016 [ Benjamin Netanyahu idiot, I'm sorry for you, but you're too miserable! ] In fact, for your Satanists Freemasons Talmud AIPAC Spa FED, that, will kill you? Mohammed is much closer to them Satan, that not, Russian Christians, who, however, are all to be killed becouse you, and, because, like you: the RUSSIANS are born from the Bible, while the Muslims are born from a spirit guide: that appeared during copulations sex with a minor! THAT, IF WE WANT TO SAY THAT, we, PUTIN IS A IDOT, for be him, WITH IRAN? THEN is why, HE'S AFRAID OF BEING KILLED by you, THAT is, YOU ARE MORE SAD of all, THAT, you STAY WITH SAUDI ARABIA: that is more big islamic terrorist! THEN, MUSLIMS READING MY ARTICLES, FULL OF CHRISTI…