price are Syrian

say it put loud, I am on twitter with my real name and real location, what more loud than that???
انفجار سيارة مفخخة جنوب شرقي تركيا تؤدي الى مقتل ٦ وجرح 17 آخرين
Booby-trapped car blasted in southern east , 6 died and 17 injured
Those who are fighting in Syria don’t have to worry about zombies because zombies only eat brains ?
I published too may photos for the school, please review my previous tweets... didn't seem to be more than a school
بعد مفاوضات ادت الى دفع فدية، 18 امرأة و 3 أطفال من بين 65 شخصا اختطفوا البارحة من قرية ربلة ذات الأغلبية...
18 Women and 3 Children were kidnapped yesterday among 65 people from Catholic village of Rebleh in ...
بلغ عدد المخطوفين على يد الميليشيات المتطرفة المناوئة للحكومة السورية من قرية ربلة ذات الأغلبية الكاثوليكية 268...
Number of total abducted people by the Radical militias from majority Christian village of Rableh in ...
Dear; my location is clear on the mapped tweet!!!
it is in the exact opposite of this location on the main road
explosion was a result of two explosive charges put in the theatre and the sleeping camp
three injured and no killed in the explosion of the school of the sons of martyrs in
photo of the explosion in the school of sons of martyr in
the first photos in the school of sons of martyr
بلغ عدد المخطوفين على يد الميليشيات المتطرفة المناوئة للحكومة السورية من قريتي نبل والزهراء في ريف حلب و ذات...
118 are the abducted people from the majority Shiaa villages in rural of northern Syria, radical militias...
65 persons were abducted by the radical militias from the Christian majority village of Rebleh in rural of ...
اختطفت الميليشيات المتطرفة للحكومة السورية ٦٥ شخصا من قرية ربلي ذات الأغلبية المسيحية في ريف حمص وتقارير عن نقلهم...
جندي من الجيش العربي السوري في شوارع مدينة بعد فرض الجيش سيطرته على معظم أحيائها وضواحيها
Syrian Army Soldier in the streets of after restoring order in most of the city
: Intensified clashes between radical militias and units in Suliman Al Halabi and Sayed Ali neighborhood
اشتباكات تدور الأن بين الميليشيا المتطرفة المناوئة للحكومة والقوات المسلحة السورية في حي سليمان الحلبي والسيد علي
Do you really think there is winner in this war!!!
Do u really wanna play youtube game!!! or u wanna prove me what i already know!!!
if you had the time to watch my latest report, u would find me in the location right after the explosion happend
In wars like this there is no winner or looser... everybody looses and the most pay the price are Syrians...
The now traffic is normal on Sep 14th!!! not today, neither yesterday!!!
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