every lie is a crime against the truth



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    gustavo castro Commento sul tuo video: VERDAD DE LOS ESQUELETOS GIGANTES EN LA INDIA OXLACK uuuuy q rabiaaaaaaaa q jueguen con algo así.!!! -- ANSWER--> I curse: against everyone who gets something wrong // LIE, because every lie is a crime against the truth! io maledico: tutti quelli che fanno qualcosa di falso: perché ogni menzogna è un crimine contro la verità!
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    Ham Khell ---> Commento sul tuo video: A Moroccan Muslim Women becoming a Christian on Life TV i am a muslim and my mother,sister,grandmother.... are completely freeeeee.... islam is a religion of freedom and tolerance.WHAT KIND OF FREEDOM DO YOU WANT?...i gess her problems with her husband thats led her to change her religion. --ANSWER--> YOU ARE THE SON OF THE DEVIL! In fact, you have even the death penalty for apostasy! and because I am a Christian, and would be an idolater according to you? TU SEI IL FIGLIO DEL DEMONIO! infatti, voi avete addirittura, la pena di morte per apostasia! e perché io cristiano, io sarei un idolatra secondo te?
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    [the vicious band: the infernal Trinity] 1. IMF 666 Rothschild: talmud; 2. Bush 322 NWO: aliens abductions; 3. King Saudi Arabia: Sharia horror: of satanAllah! is useless, that, you do the idiots, for not to go, at to war: against me! I know that you have been reading my articles! if you give up? I promise of not to kill you, but, to lock yourself, inside a container of iron in the desert of Eritrea, along with thousands of Christians who are sealed, in there to die of terror! -- Answer--> I'm not kidding, because just today, metaphysics has given me understanding: one of: one my new supernatural and spiritual resource to exploit: against you! io non sto scherzando, perché, proprio oggi, la metafisica ha dato a me, la comprensione: di una mia nuova risorsa soprannaturale e spirituale da poter sfruttare: contro di voi!
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    @LadyGagaVEVO--> sorry, I apologize to all the fans of this channel! I am not bad! I'm looking for, only, to fight Satanism: and the new world order: the International Monetary Fund! do not worry, my only prey: are these Illuminati: Enlightened by Lucifer: 1. Rothschid of talmud kabbalah, synagogue IMF 666, 2. Bush 322: aliens abductions project, and its god owl at the Bohemian Grove: ie Baal or Marduk! 3. King of Saudi Arabia: Master of Al Qaeda: the Salafis do for Jihad: Sharia law: and: kill all 300 christian martyr innocent: of every day: and to do Islamic imperialism: against all the peoples of the world! These people of Satanism? take all of us, very early in the 3rd World War nuclear. "Drink your poisons made ​​by yourself" ♰ my ♚ MENE Techel ♛ PERES] PAX ♰Ipsa Venena Bibas ★jewish messiah. 28/09/12] ♰ PAX ♰ CSPBCSSMLNDSMDVRSNSMVSMQIVB Ipsa Venena Bibas you Drink your poisons himself.★ Mahdì★ alleluia Unius King of Israel!
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    LadyGagaVEVO --- chiedo scusa a tutti i fans di questo canale! io non sono cattivo! io cerco, soltanto, di combattere il satanismo: e il nuovo ordine mondiale: del fondo monetario internazionale! niente paura: le mie prede sono soltanto: questi Illuminati di lucifero: 1. Rothschid of talmud kabbalah, sinagoga IMF 666; 2. Bush 322: aliens abductions progetto: ed il suo dio gufo al Bohemian Grove: cioè Baal o Marduk! 3. king of Saudi Arabia: master of Al Quaeda: i salafiti for fare la jihad: della sharia: and: kill all 300 christian martyr innocent: of every day: e per fare l'imperialismo islamico: contro tutti i popoli del mondo! il satanismo di queste persone? porterà tutti noi , molto presto alla 3° Guerra mondiale nucleare

Devil microchip 666 322 satanisti Bush Rothschild Mount Athos

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@ComunitaEbraicaRoma - a family of Jews (who do not: they have betrayed God through: the Talmud) have adopted a baby pygmy: who: became: as low as rabbi of the whole history of Israel, but just him, is the more saint of all the rabbis: the greatest, in the Kingdom of God! If this condition: it is impossible for you? You have done: of God a devil .. You have destroyed: "Faith Hope Charity!" because: every man is my brother! "contrary? You thought blasphemous things: against your Creator: that he may have also created evil .. if you're not with me? you will be destroyed in the fire of Geenna: hell! ... my: YHWH - your anger is kindled: against: all enemies of your kingdom! i want to see the destruction of that antichrist Zapatero: and of all its accomplices: New World Order: IMF: seigniorage banking and for all this: I will glorify you forever: amen amen amen: Hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah
@ joehardysr - God created the Garden of Eden: where there was: no: form of evil: so there were no carnivores [(yes: scavengers: Omnivore) because the animals could die because they did not have access to 'tree of life, which was near the tree (the knowledge of good and evil)]. All men who are on this planet? we had been: all: to betray God, all eating the forbidden fruit (made ​​by God as a demonstration for our loyalty). so our earthly paradise is fallen: regressed: deteriorated: is why, we set us here, is why: we are born on earth (ie the only possible form of reincarnation) to get a second chance, by the mercy of God. because, in truth, all of us we should already have been cast down to hell with the demons from which we had been seduced .. That's why, our world has deteriorated along with us .. To say that God has created: this world? tantamount to blasphemy!
@virtuallyjesuschrist --- and instead I will give you death in the name of Jesus: if you do not publicly proclaim: the right: at freedom of religion as well: in all Muslim nations! Because, too many injustices contempt and cruelty, have committed Muslims against Martyrs Christian!
@ apologeniuss - all those who do not speak of bank seigniorage? All are for Satan! and since: there is the bank seigniorage: about the Jews? you have to think the worst! fact: they do not talk to us: because we are animals in human form for their talmud!
I have faith! certainly, but I am also a political project (rational) of natural law for universal brotherhood! I believe that unius Rei is the only project that can save the world by 3 ° WW nuclear.. because: for the Talmud: the Christians are animals in human form? then the sacrifice of animals in the temple was replaced by the killing of the Christians. per questi ebrei il sacrificio dell'agnello: è stato sostituito: attraverso: l'omicidio dei cristiani -- apologeniuss said: Lo so, lo so. Ho già da anni" The Talmud Unmasked" by Pranaitis. Downloaded for free, in pdf, online: 1883: "The blood CHRISTIAN" IN JEWISH RITES: THE MODERN SYNAGOGUE. REVELATIONS: Neophyte: FORMER GREEK MONACO RABBI: FOR THE FIRST TIME: PUBLISHED IN ITALY. without traslator? I could not translate! but you could correct all my translation? The Talmud says that the rabbis make the sacrifices Replacement with the murder of Christians since, still of animals in human form it comes!
@ to all the newspapers in Italy: Dear Sir: I HAVE KNOWN THAT THE Ministry of Education: is about to publish a work about the Talmud, but, I wondered, if he will publish, also: these documents: because: because of the seigniorage banking (SOURCE DR. Giacinto Auriti: FOUNDER oF L'AQUILA UNIVERSITY, ETC ..)that is in the hands of these extremist Jewish bankers: as prophesied in Dante's Divine Comedy: ie, the "Illuminati" .. Perhaps, the question should not be underestimated: since yesterday I have received of intimidation: the precise timing: to have finished my work on channel "rrmbgpym" in youtube: .. WHY: If you continue to hide yourself behind the conspiracy theories? 3 rd WW nuclear: will be the knock to your homes in 2012:
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