Jesus Is Coming Soon

Jesus Is Coming Soon

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O'er all the land have the signs now appeared; telling us soon that our Saviour is near...Lift up the trumpet! and loud let it ring! Jesus is coming again!
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  • Nearing the end at last
  • Very nice, I couldn't help but to sing along.
  • concise catechism...
  • wow.. and this is moral?
  • Awesome accapella singing,but who are these singers name ? Great singing indeed ! God bless you all in this New Year,and may we meet in the sky soon with Jesus !!
  • "Even so,come,Lord Jesus"
  • i love it
  • I remember this song from my childhood. never get tired of it. God gives us a home in Heaven for us to live eternally. We need to accept Jesus and live for God and love them both, God loves us and wants us in Heaven.
  • Remember this song! We used to sing this song at AY on Sabbaths! Troubles will soon be o'er happy forever more! Do you have dare to be a Daniel?
  • Ready to fly!

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