Jesus Is Coming Soon - Oak Ridge Boys

Jesus Is Coming Soon - Oak Ridge Boys

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From "Oak Ridge Boys: A Gospel Journey", released in 2009. Gaither music videos, CDs, and audio tracks may be purchased from Drop by and pay them a visit!

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  • Jesus is coming an I'm gonna be ready. To go to heaven with him
  • Good to hear the ORB getting back to their roots.. Great old song! Reminds me of days gone by. Jesus is coming soon!!
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  • @VocallysQuarteto Yes this is because Jesus did not say he woiuld be back, the Father Yahweh is the one who has come back, the soul of Jesus was the Father 'if you have seen the father you have seen me, the Father and I are one.' so no don't look in the deserts etc you will not find him because he is not back as Jesus he is back as Yahweh and is in your face world wide.
  • is cool muisc vidoe
  • Come on Gabriel blow your trumpet and let's go home
  • I am a proud atheist who just happens to love gospel songs, and what they stand for. this one included.
  • this so uplifting. love it on a bad day.
  • I STILL say William Lee is the BEST looking one of the group!!! Luv ya, WLG!!!!!!!!!
  • @codycguger1 AMEN!
  • @wvphotog If only perfect people can sing God's praises it's gonna get awful quiet around here.
  • Just because you sing a gospel song doesn't make you a Christian. Christians are Christ-like. I agree with Mark Lowery. Bill Gaither will do anything to make a buck.
  • @VocallysQuarteto Jesus said of the rulers of the world. "they are all evil everyone of them" That includes your leaders and mine. WAKE UP. God does not guide the USA. Christians are the most decieved people in the world I know I used to be a decieved Christian. I do however believe by the Grace of God that the USA is the home of the brave. I know that Satan has fooled Christians in the USA and they are the murderers . Perpetuaters of evil. WAKE UP Christians. Jesus is right.

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